1988 Centennial Celebration

In 1987 the Mayor of Lind, Howard Heil, appointed a Centennial Committee to spear head the
celebration to honor Lind's 100th birthday. Throughout the following months, the committee
formed 28 sub-committees with approximatey 300 volunteers. After forming a legally
incorporated entity, the first thing on the agenda was to fund the celebration. Letters were sent to
corporate businesses, and the committee applied for all available grants.
Serving coffee and home made cookies to motorists at the State Highway rest areas proved to be
financially beneficial, too. The committee was off and running.
Gary Johnson, Secretary, Jim Kelly, Treasurer,
Merlin Wallace, Larry Koch
Back row: Lois Strohmaier, Carol Kelly, President, Angie Fode, Suzie Wallace, Vice President, Vivian Loomis, 2nd Vice President. (Holy cow....we were so young!)
First order of business: establish a Centennial Logo and a Centennial Motto. A contest was held for the logo, with Doug Kelly, the winner. Suzie Wallace was acknowledged with the motto,
Honor the Past~Live the Present~Guarantee the Future
We did a lot of brain-storming and finally agreed on the issues we needed to address for the celebration. With it being nearly two years away, we figured we had a lot of time. Not so....! Plans began to form and before long we found ourselves muddled in issues. We met the first Monday of every month and soon began to formulate a plan. With the open meetings, we had great suggestions from many community members, and soon we had the following plan and issues we would address: Finances, the Celebration, Lind's Beautification, Publicity and Monument.
Finances: Sending grants was a first and foremost plan. We sent out over 100 sponsor letters to the companies that were involved with the community, farmers, businesses, etc. The response was overwhelming and we began to develop a bank account. One of our best and most pleasant money making event was to give away homemade cookies at nearby rest areas.