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If you have a business you'd like to have listed (or/and a photo) please contact me (509) 660-0275) or email
 your information to

Jim's Market
Dale Stevenson, Owner

113 W. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3581


U. S. Post Office
Carin Monroe, Postmaster

119 W. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3413

site of Adams County Historical Society Museum
complete with all new upper floor windows and restroom is being installed

201 N. "I" St., Lind, WA 99341

Adams County Historical Society web site

Slim's Bar & Grill
Floyd "Skip" Thompson, Owner/Operator

121 N. "I" St.,Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-8854


Building for Sale/rent

211 N. "I"  St., Lind, WA 99341
 Phone 509-677-3325
Bank of Whitman
bank currently not in the Town of Lind
101 N. "I" St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3652

Blowtorch Annie's
Metal Sculpture Designs
Annie Trunkle Smart

PO Box 508, Lind, WA 99341
 Phone 509-677-3642

Chatterbox Salon
Sharon Reeve, Owner

1018 E. 3rd St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-8167

Goble's Golden Grain, Inc.
Gale and Jean Gardner, owners
(closed - & for sale!)

111 N. "I" St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-5000


Cathy Jo's Catering
Elegance On A Budget

Cathy Wills, Owner

PO Box 311, Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-771-9066

Pacific Pride Fuel Station

Currently at East Lind
Credit Cards

Autosmith, Inc.
Chris Madison, Owner
381 W. 1st St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-5127

Ranch Petroleum
Ron Kulm, Manager

420 W. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341
Plant Phone 509-677-3424
FAX 509-677-3507
Mailing Address: PO Box 1308, Lewiston, ID 83501

McGregor Company
Mitch Starring, Manager

113 Florenz St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3337

Bittick Septic Tank Service
Garry Bittick, Owner/Operator

Lind, WA 99341
 Phone 509-660-1069 or (509) 677-8825

T16 Management Co.
Gary Johnson, Owner

113 N. "I" St., Lind, WA 99341
 Phone 509-677-3421

Photo by Jennifer Anderson
On the Spot Welding
Gerry Anderson, Owner/Operator
In shop and on-site fabrication

S. 502 Lafayette Ave., Lind, WA 99341
(FYI: former Vic Pouley residence)
Phone and Fax 509-677-3668
Cell Phone 509-771-1909

Photo by SilverMoon Productions
Gavilon, Inc
dba Union Elevator & Warehouse Co.

103 N. "L" St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3441

Photo by SilverMoon Productions
In recognition of our area farmers

Lemco Drilling, Inc.
Leonard & Pamela Martel, Owners

(office) 303 E. North 4th, Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-8832

Joe's Body Shop
Although retired, Joe Holland, Owner, still
welcomes visitors and cribbage players!

200 E. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3612

J.R. Newhouse & Co., PLLP
Alan Schlimmer, CPA

220 E. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341
 Phone 509-677-5667

Loomis Truck & Tractor, Inc.
Wes Loomis, Manager

1018 E. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341
 Phone 509-677-3449

Brad and Jill Stout, Owners

Lind Senior Center
Carla A. Bengtson, Chmn. of Board/President
Senior meals at noon: Mon.-Wed.-Thu.-Fri.
For meals, please call by between 9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

117 N. "I" St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3620

Lind Medical Clinic
Tuesday and Friday

320 North "L" Street, Lind, WA 99341

Adams County F.P.D. #2

118 W. 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341

Adams County Park & Rec. Dist #3
Lind Swimming Pool
 with a basketball court in foreground

Summer Hours:
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

N. 107 A St., Lind, WA 99341
Phone 509-677-3401

WSU Dryland Research Station
Bill Schillinger, Director and Scientist
Bruce Sauer, Farm Manager
John Jacobson, Agricultural Research Technician
Brian Fode, Utility Worker
Cindy Warriner, Clerical Assistant
Steve Schofstoll, Research Assistant

781 E. Experiment Station Road, Lind, WA 99341

Phone: 509-677-3671
Fax: 509-677-3676

Adams County Maintenance Building
217 W 2nd St., Lind, WA 99341

Lind's Businesses

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