Those Good Old Days
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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt stops in Lind on his campaign tour.
Circa 1935
Daniel Walter Dimond (father of Ella Dimond Tallent) in front of the Washington Water Power Co. office, often referred to as
"The Office". Circa 1920
Standing in front of Lind's First Post Office
"I" Street
(the main street of Lind)
Circa 1940
Mickey Bracken
b 4-28-1889/d 1-11-1974
Self taught artist.
(Kalsomine and lamp black techniques.)
Served in the U.S. Navy in WWI
Miller Hardware established 1903, sold 1964
Chicago, Milwaukee, St.Paul and Pacific Railroad Company extend their venture westward...Lind Depot.
November 1905 they authorized the construction of track west of Seattle. Lind was the only town in eastern Washington served by two major railroads direct route.
Northern Pacific RR Depot
Just outside of Lind is also the only place where the two railroads crossed.
Pioneer Picnic
Pioneer Park was located next to Crab Creek
just over the hill, north
of Keystone. Looks like great fun!
Wheat sacks, circa early 1900's....a lot of sewing (and not by the ladies!)
Early 1900's power substation on the location of Lind's current Memorial Park
The ground originally was owned by Doug Urquhart, Union Elevator & Warehouse Company. When the substation was eliminated, the ground was donated to the Centennial Committee who eventually gave the entire park to the Town of Lind for maintenance
Those Good Old Days
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