Those Good Old Days
Lind, Circa 1902
So you've always wanted to know how some streets came to have alphabetical letters for names? Well, beginning with the street that leads up the hill to the cemetery and going east, they spell N E I L S O N.
Dugal & James Neilson founders of Lind. In 1888 they built the first Lind residence and a year later they built and stocked a store and resumed postal service.
They also platted the Town.

The Rooster's Nest
Minerva Magnolia* was Lind’s first (and last) Madam.  Originally, she ‘set up shop’ in a little
house on the hill where she developed a strong customer base.  Business thrived until 1914
when an up-standing citizen was killed leaving her place of business in the early morning. 
(The wife of the victim was never convicted of murder.  She simply packed up and moved from Lind!) 
The scandal forced Minerva to close her doors, but she never quit dreaming of being a successful business owner,
even in a struggling economy.  In 1988, she rented an apartment above Slim’s Tavern.  However, blame it on the times,
blame it on Minerva, (or blame it on the red dress that she has worn for 90+ years)
the business has continued to ‘go down hill!’  Minerva rarely moves unless she falls off her stool.
She simply sits there, day after day, night after night, watching and waiting.
* The name has been changed to protect her identity.
Charlie Morgan hauled wheat 12 miles to Lind in 1906. The first building (left) is the General Store owned by George Knee, then Charlie Austin's Harness Shop, and the two buildings at the right housed the Simmons Furniture and Undertaking Business. These businesses lined the street from the current Bank of Whitman down to the Lind Grange.
Adams County's largest family!
Gottlieb & Lydia Sackmann Family
Back:  Albert (Elsie Wahl), Martin, William (Martha Kautz), Alfred (Ruby Wahl), Godfrey (Lenora Laib), Reinhold
Middle:  Mary (Bill Fode), Lydia, Elsie (Blondie Evervold), Emma (Earnest Heider), Hilda (Raymond Ruff), Martha (Otto Wahl).
Front:  Rebecca (Otto Krug), Emil (Janet Jeske), Lydia (Ted Fode), Gottlieb, Margaret (Edwin Jeske) , Ella (Walt Biggar), Bertha (Ted Borth).
Note: Emil the last surviving member of the Gottlieb & Lydia Sackmann Family currently passed away, leaving Emil's wife Janet. She lives on the original family farm near her son and family.

We were fortunate to live across the street from Albert and Emma Sackmann. He was a joy to know and was a wonderful friend and neighbor. He once told me that the family loved to attend the annual BBQ in the city park during the rodeo and later the derby as there was usually a prize given to the largest family. Of course, his family always won!

War plane lookout located on the NE
corner of "I" and 8th. Wes Tallent on watch.
(Wes was Sidney Wahl's grandfather)
Lind Airport, Circa 1929
Everyone gets into the act while building the Lind airport.
Bank of Lind, 1901
The building is currently owned by Floyd "Skip" Thompson. It was the 'home' to
many businesses...a beauty shop, cafe, lodge hall, apartments, & many more.
One of Lind's famous dust storms,
an act of nature that we still 'endure'!
Circa 1930
The first Lind school is barely visible behind the second school. Four schools have been located at this same site, our current elementary being the fourth.
In 2013, the Lind School District consolidated with Ritzville School District. Lind still
has a very progressive grade school, with the Middle School students (combined with Ritzville Middle School Students)
attending school in Lind's original high school building. The high school students from Lind & Ritzville attend
school in the high school building in Ritzville. This has been a very controversial move, but from having family involved, we've learned that in the long run, and after getting used to it, the move was good. Why? Lots of things created a poor economic situation in our farming towns and many students and families were forced to move. We didn't like all of the implications or the reasons, but we did what we could do to accept it. The kids adjusted very well.
Lind's third school, Circa 1908.
1939 First Ambulance
L-R Ernest "Tub" Teague, Wes Tallent, George Hougen, Art Krehbiel, and Emil Fode
Ye Olde Cook Shack!
Lady on the left is Sarah Ellen (Smart) Richardson, better known as Ella Richardson.
b. January 13, 1873
d. January 26, 1978
1940 Fire Truck still owned by the Town of Lind Fire Department.
1956 Flood
Looking west from (probably) the top of the bank building, the house in the middle of the stream is where Ray and Char Baker currently live. Note the trestle in the background.
Originally Lind was identified as "Well No. 7". The Northern Pacific Railway. engine stopping for a fill-up!
Wheat harvest in the good ole' days!
Last Stage Coach leaves Lind
Joe and Georgia Hays
Georgia was responsible for many of the beautiful pictures you are sharing on this site.

Joe and Georgia were determined to keep our boys abreast of life in Lind. With help from civic groups, the Business Girls' Club in particular, they sent "Home News" to 145 servicemen during the war years.
1911 Football Team
Circa late 30's early 40's, where Lemco Drilling, Inc.
is now located.
I. B. Born Jewelers, 1909
Eventually this building was home to Lind Electric, Bud's Electric, and now the Lind Senior Center. The display case remains in the building.
The old Lind Bank at 118 N I Street
Currently, this beautiful building is for sale.
Contact Teresa Smith for details.
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