Lind Lions Club
Ask any small town community member "Just what does Lind have that would appeal to a visitor"? It may take a few minutes for a logical and meaningful response,
but he/she will usually say, "Well, it takes a group of men and community volunteers who hold the heart of Lind in their hands". Not only are they visible in the community, they also take pride in quietly helping individuals or groups.  The objectives of the Lind Lions Club are simple: Support all of the youth organizations in the community, and then give a helping hand to any other organization needing it! Simple as that! With 50 members strong, the Lind Lions Club continues to donate their time, and effort to the Lind Community. Plans for the 32nd  Combine Demolition Derby™ are currently underway, a weekend continuing to add to the warmth and appealing nature of the club and community. It's apparent, too, when the arena stands are filled "to the brim" with 5,000 (or more) visitors who travel from all parts of the United States to attend the 3-day celebration. Ask a visitor to describe the derby and you'll hear, (among other things) that the derby is "Unusual, Weird, Entertaining, Unique, Unbelievable and Awesome!

Just what did our Lind Lions Club really do for the Lind community in 2018? They continued work at the arena making the area safe and comfortable for all visitors.They continued with the OCHA rules, welding rebar to the hand rails and to the footings for safety. Seems a kid occasionally fell to the ground. (So I say, leave the little kids at home or make sure they are spectators, not there to play on the equipment! Just my opinion!). No matter how hard they try, the Lions can't prevent the flying debris during the events, but they continually try to keep the grounds clean from the rocks, etc. The arena and surrounding pit areas are cleaned up, weeded, watered, and maintenance suggestions are carried out throughout the area. 

In 2017-2018:

The Lind Lions Club supports and sponsors many individuals and families quietly and behind the scenes. They donate meals to needy families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with food baskets including turkeys, potatoes, vegetables, all the trimmings, and homemade pie. They have purchased many winter coats, gloves and hats for Lind kids and occasionally sports gear. They provide swimming passes so that all Lind's children can take advantage of the Lind swimming pool in the summer. They purchase glasses for Lind's children, donate to the Lind EMTs, Lind Fire District, and they  purchased medical equipment to the school as needed. A few years ago, they earned a competition award for the most new members. This 50 member club results in success.

  Don't criticize this group of men who are diligent about their purpose in the Lind Community. As one member says, "That's what we're about...seeing to it that our Lind kids have the support of our organization. Maybe you could help out instead of criticize."

Hats off to the only service organization in the town. Thanks for always going "above and beyond the call of duty!"

They sponsored following activities:
* 31st Combine Demolition Derby
* 15th Car Race/Derby
* Christmas Lantern Project
* Christmas Card Board
* Community Birthday Calendar
* Kite Flying Contest
* Easter Egg Hunt
* Kiddie Parade
The Lions always have a project. The Arena takes a lot of their time with clean up, improvements, and general work. If you need a state of the art arena for your event, contact a Lind Lions member.

They donated:
* The Lind Senior Citizens
* Lind Chamber of Commerce
* Christmas Parade
* Lind Little League
* Lind T-Ball
* Lind Girls' Sports
* Lind Livestock 4-H
*Lind/Ritzville FFA
*Park & Recreation District
* Lions Club Sight and Hearing Programs
* Thanksgiving/Christmas Certificates
for the needy
*Purchased food for a needy family event
* And various other youth and school organizations

The Lions support all Boy and Girl Scout Programs
They sponsored:
* Senior Class Scholarships
* Santa Claus and treats/prizes for kids
*Kiddie Parade
The Lions also (quietly) support many in need. They purchase coats, gloves, hats, glasses, and food. They work IN the community, and FOR the community. They are always looking for new members, and welcome all who show an interest in the Lind Community. Instead of criticize them, do your part, join the group, and help out.
This community needs you! In June, 2018, the Lions installed a new president. Shane Strohmaier was handed the gavel
at the end of the season BBQ.
2018-2019 Officers
Shane Strohmaier, President
Derrick Laird, 1st Vice President
LeRoy Watson, Jr., Secretary
Alan Schlimmer, Treasurer
Bill Wills, Tail Twister

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