Lind was a fast growing town when a handful of sporting enthusiasts formed the first trap shooting organization. Although there are no records, it is believed that the club existed during the late 1920's and early 1930s. The make shift club house, Lind's former Pest House, was located south of the town and west of the Bill Loomis residence. (Now the Burton residence). The shooter used 1 1/4 oz. shot, a 3 dram load and shells which were purchased at the Army Surplus Store in Spokane, Washington. In 1943, the shells changed to 1 1/8 oz.

The few trap shooters never did formally organize. They had no written by-laws or safety rules, but like many sporting events, experience would be the best teacher. Note that although it's a sport with loaded shot guns, shooters are drilled on safety. Never has there been a shooting death in a gun club accident throughout the United States. 

A case of shells could be purchased for $16.00 and a round of trap cost $1.50. Regardless, jobs at that time were scarce, and consequently, there was no money available for fun events and soon, trapshooting events would cease to exist. Shooters at that time included Gus Wahl, a local farmer, Jake Schutz, the owner of the Wellington Tavern, C.B Lievsay, the current depot agent, Harry Snead, a prominent Lind banker, and A.J. Urquhart, owner of the Union Elevator and Warehouse Company.  During this time, shooters turned their interest into developing a golf course located where the water well, airport, and the gun club presently exist. It, too, had major disadvantages. With no water for grass, the course was laid out in a rocky field of sage brush. The sand traps were great for the avid golfers, who could also contend with cheat grass, bugs, and thousands of squirrel holes. About the same time, the Lind Rifle Club was formed. The organizational meeting took place in the Wellington Tavern under the guidance of owner, Jake Schutz and his employee, Ed Beck. Then came the Depression Wheat fell to an alarming $.39 a bushel and many were out of work. No jobs, no money, no Rifle & Pistol Club.

In 1946, a group of avid trap shooters organized the first Lind Gun Club. Those (still) familiar names included, Bill Jungblom, E.V. Lane, Nick Sievers Sr., Nick Sievers, Jr., Al Bauman, Don Bauman, A.B. Davis, Bill Abney, Russell Cline, A.J. Urquhart.In 1992, a trap house was built at the airport. Since then, local kids have added barrels to the original trap house and it was used as a fort.
Seems like the times and the price of shooting has prevented many potential shooters of participating in this great sport. In 2018 there were approximately 20 shooters who all registered in the Spokesman Review Telephonic. The club maintains and continues to sponsor a Hunter Education Course, FFA Trap shoot contests, Lind FFA Safety Clinics and firearm raffles to help generate funds for the club. LeRoy Watson continues as President of the club.

The club welcomes all new shooters, young and old. It's a great way to spend a Sunday, so come out to the club, eat a hamburger, visit, and maybe decide that you'd like to give it a try. Believe me, it's a very addictive sport. If you have any questions or need information on shooting, please feel free to call LeRoy Watson, president.
In 1948 the club had a great group of trap shooters who on occasion led the weekly Telephonic Shoot. Note that Hulda Beck was the only woman participating. Eventually, Al Bauman invented an electric trap which was used until new traps were purchased many years later. His invention was closly considered for a pantent by Remington Arms, but the device was never manufactured. The club members had considered moving the gun club to west of Lind, but eventually Town of Lind, the former golf club and the gun club were pooled and plans were made. A golf course was born, and a building was build. Barnet plumbing and heating was hired to install the water system, and C.B. Moon was contracted to build a new club house. In 1949, the community of Lind, Golf Club and the Gun Club merged. At that time the new club was officially named the Lind Golf and Gun Club. The trap house was moved from the airport, lights were installed, and the area was prepared for walks. An automatic trap was purchased, and on February 5, 1950, the club used the new shooting range for the first time. Although the club house would be completed, the golf course would not survive.
Lind Gun Club
Bill Loomis, Jerry Branson, Bob Phillips, Steve Hays, Doug Borth
Joe Starkey, Bill Loomis, Ray Stelzer, Earl Johnstone, Randy Beck
After a hunting accident in November, 1973, Bill participated in the telephonic shoot. Losing his right arm and left eye didn't leave him handicapped, for sure. He immediately shot a 23/25 clay pigeons. He now shoots with a tripod and a custom designed shotgun
In 1965, women began joining the Gun Club
Front: Sharon Loomis, Marciel Heider
Back: Lois Phillips, Dorthianne McDowell, Mary Ann Borgens, Jeanie Branson
From 1976 until present, many women joined the club participating in the telephonic shoot.
Carol Kelly, Carol Kent Lynda Watson, Gayle Starring, Karla Fowles, Anita Houger, Sidney Wahl, Carrie Wallace, Vi Holland, Cindy Bucher, Melissa Loomis, Eileen DeArmon, Becky Johnson, Julie Holland, Melissa Hill, Darci Wahl.
Back: Anita Houger, Suzie Wallace, Lynda Watson, Carol Kent, Carol Kelly, Sidney Wahl, Carrie Wallace
Front: Dwayne Fowles, Donald Fowles, Doug Kelly
Back: Merlin Wallace, Jim Kelly, Doug Wahl, Steve Sackmann, Joe Holland, Cliff Lund
Washington State 2nd place FFA Team
Donald Fowles, Jimmy Hays, Advisor, Tim Schneider, Doug Kelly, Dwayne Fowles
Chris Olson, Gary Johnson, Dean McDowell, Carol Kelly, Darci Wahl, Mike Stelzer, Alan Schlimmer, Jim Laird, Thayne Fowles, Bill Loomis, Jason Ste. Marie, Merlin Wallace
L-R: Mike Watson, LeRoy Watson, Carol Kelly, Jim Kelly, Merlin Wallace, Karla Fowles, Doug Rehn, Bill Loomis, Keith Sackmann, Walt Weaver
Front: Brian Ellis, Ronnie Kinsey, Jeff Holland
Kneeling: Jim Laird, David Lobe, Jimmy Bischoff, Eric Lund, Karla Fowles, Dick Nagamitsu, Jerry Branson, Norman Bischoff
Standing: Dean McDowell, Jim Kelly, Patty Ellis, Jean Kinsey, Bill Loomis, Ed Beck, Jimmy Hays, Hulda Beck, Vi Holland, James Wahl, Lynda W (Watson) Branson, Lloyd Butler, Steve Wahl, Curtis Gering (I was a part of that group, but someone had to take the picture...!)
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