The Derby Blues June, 2005
It was 2005 and Country Music Television was coming to the derby! We were thrilled to think of all the possibilities that their visit might mean to us. Then they offered an idea and a challenge!  “Find a local community member who (1) can sing (2) can play a guitar and (3) can write Lind’s first derby song.”  Did that frazzle us?  Heck no!  At least, we weren’t going to let them know that in TINY Lind, their request was HUGE!  But of course, we calmly accepted their challenge and began the search for our guitar-singin’ performer!  After collecting our thoughts, settling down and thinking it through, we found our talented community member.  And she was only a few miles out of town, tucked in the hills of a wheat ranch. There she was, guitar in hand, with a singing voice that wouldn’t quit.  It only took us four hours to write Lind’s first ‘hit’ song, and in two days, Lind’s Annie Smart was on her way to Spokane to be professionally recorded. he song, The Derby Blues, was written by five local volunteers who found out the true meaning of the words ‘rhyme and time’! We, of course, think it’s a hit, and there’s no doubt that we think the song should be in line for an award at the Country Music Awards. 
We are extremely proud of Annie and her musical gift.  And, have to admit that we are extremely proud of the five who helped write this huge hit!
We think you’ll agree!

   Thanks, Annie, for sharing your wonderful talent with the Lind Community.

You expect me to balance on this header,
strum a guitar, and sing....all at the same time?
It takes a long time to record a new star with an award winning song.
But, before the song is put to music, there first has to be a song. Well, it was no problem
for Annie. She was confident that she could play whatever we came up with...and do it right at the same time.  A problem for the song writers? Yes, it was a mind boggling request and with a time limit, it was very nerve wracking! But, with  very few people, the award winning hit was written, and as if by magic, Annie made our words blend with the beautiful sounds from her guitar.
As we all look back, it was one of our favorite memories. We came up with some lyrics that couldn't be published, we had lyrics that wouldn't rhyme, and we had lyrics that had words that weren't even words, and we even had verses that made absolutely no sense to anyone! But, in time we did the job and the new song was professionally published in Spokane, compliments of Country Music Television. They eventually produced a special on the derby and featured the new song. Still waiting for it to make the top ten on the country time...!  
"The Derby Blues"

Written by Annie Trunkle Smart, Dwayne & Alexis Fowles,
Blake & Andrea Bennett, & Carol Kelly.
The Derby Blues (lyrics) 

Let me tell you a story about a town named Lind.
Nestled in the scablands, not much rain but lots of wind
We were fading really fast, we had to sink or swim.

Then along came a man, and he had a hook.
Let’s have a Combine Derby, and the idea really took.
Wheat not worth a dime, combines past their prime,
Let’s have a Derby.

In 1988 we started small. Now they come from Spokane,
St.John, Ritzville & Edwall.
Old combines never the same,
Weld ‘em up and give them a name,
Come to the Derby.

From Pasture Prime, to the Concubine.
The Miller Machine took out Old Gang Green.
It was kinda sad when Frank ran over his dad
Down at the Derby.

They sit in the stands till their butts get sore.
When the combines crash, hear the Beer Garden roar.
Pit crew work to get their driver back,
Hungry people gather at the ol’ cook shack
Down at the derby!

Four thousand people come to this town’s tradition
It even made the pages of Playboy’s fifty year edition.
Rain or shine we’ll have a helluva a time
Rain or shine we had a helluva time
At the derby!
Annie and Sophie (3)
Andrea Bennett (11) & Alexis Fowles (12)
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