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Centennial Quilt made by the Congregational Women's Fellowship
Mugs, Shirts, Sweatshirts, sold by the Methodist women
Pins and Hats sold by Float Association
Carol Kelly & Karla Fowles sold Centennial Calendars
Consolidated Grange (Eddie Fode, Manager)
sold gas for one day for $0.30 a gallon
Jim's Market, (Jim Stevenson) sold food for prices
comparable to those in the early 1900's
Golden Grain sold  hamburgers for .$0.95 each
Homemade beef stew for $1.00
Coffee $0.05 a cup and ice cream cones, $0.05 each
Susan Wahl was crowned
Rodeo Queen

Because of Lind's Post Mistress, (Carla Bengton) the local post office had their own Centennial Stamp. Most of us still have a postcard or an envelope with the Centennial Stamp, a very special souvenir. Thank you, Carla! 
Past Rodeo Queens
Kay Meilke, LaRena Haggerty White, Bernadine Phillips Reid, Marjorie Wahl Becker, Traci J. Wahl, Donna DeVore Kelsey, Dianna Devore Seuberlich, Virginia Bruce Varnes, Evelyn Lobe Heider, Willa Rinker Jacque, Clara Maier Nelson, Marcie Gust Heider, Phyllis Wahl Stelzer, Joyce Lobe Preston, Julie Huse Larson, Shirley Swarts Madison, Barbara Haggerty Hertenstein, Beverly Jungblom Carbonatto, Beverly Hasse Smith, Joan Barnett Gruber, Hazel DeVore Webb, Frances Brown Hayes, Karen Sackmann Baker, Sherry Phillips Lund, Guyla Swarts Wigen, Cheryl Kurkowski Haase, Sharon Jensen Woodard, Nancy Bauman Wilkinson, Rita Plager Arlt, Shirley Watkins DeVore, Penny Beckley Brown, Marjorie Huse Miles, Joan Jeppsen Rutty.
Children's activities
Centennial Choir
under the direction of
Suzie Wallace
Community Potluck
1988 Grand Centennial Parade
Past Rodeo Royalty
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Community BBQ in Memorial Park
Everything was FREE
The Memorial Sculpture, 15 feet hight and 36 feet long, was commissioned by the Lind Centennial Committee, and designed and constructed by artist, Dave Govedare. It was placed on a six-foot high concrete foundation with an 18-inch base of lava stone masonry from nearby rock formations. Inside the concrete base is the community’s Time Capsule to be opened in 2038. The sculpture represents the 'then' and the 'now' through the three elements most important to Lind’s heritage: the people, the railroad, and agriculture. Formal dedication was June 5, 1988 in the new Memorial Park.

A Spokesman - Review photographer from Spokane arrived to photograph our Centennial Monument with the citizens of Lind. The time was set - 12:00 noon! By 11:45 only a few citizens had arrived at the Memorial Park and the photographer asked, “Where are the people?” Carol Kelly told him, “Be patient, it won't matter where they come from in Lind it will only take 5 minutes to get here!” At 12:00 most all 500 residents were in the park and ready for the photograph to be taken. We have lost a lot of the people featured in this photograph, but on the other hand, the young kids in the pictures are grown now with their own children. Amazing that so much time has passed..... and so quickly! 
Visitors regularly visit Lind to view and take photographs of the memorial sculpture. The park, financed through projects and grants during the Centennial's planning, was originally a sub-station owned by Doug Urquhart, owner/manager of Union Elevator Warehouse Company.
After the Centennial celebration, the park was donated to the Town of Lind for maintenance and care.
In 2038, a time capsule, buried below the monument, will be opened. Hope some of you are still here to be a part of that celebration. There are many items that are buried there; many things that we currently do not use. There has been a lot of progress since that capsule was sealed.
The cost of the monument was $30,000. David Govedare presented three different possibilities, and we chose the most expensive, of course. We continue to follow David's artistic travels and note that he designed and constructed the runners in Riverfront Park, Spokane, Washington, called the Joy of Running Together, plus the 15 life-size horses on a hill overlooking the beautiful Columbia Gorge at Vantage. Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies is a beautiful memorial to the wild horses that once lived in the hills above the mighty Columbia.

The Lind Mayor, Howard Heil, chose the following as members of the Centennial Committee. This committee consisted of the following who were to spearhead and coordinate all centennial committees, to follow up on the progress of each committed and to promote and encourage total community participation. They were:
Carol Kelly, President
Jim Kelly, Treasurer
Gary Johnson, Secretary
Vivian Loomis, Vice President
Suzie Wallace, Vice President
Merlin Wallace
Lois Strohmaier
Larry Koch
Angie Fode

The committee has long been disbanded, and actually, most of the them are still among us except for Gary Johnson, Lois Strohmaier and Suzie Wallace who were extremely instrumental in the the planning and orchestrating  the celebration, Gary Johnson who carefully and precisely took care of all the centennial financial issues, and Suzie Wallace who was on hand, always, to help carry out a Centennial project. (Her biggest involvement included being the chairman of the Centennial Choir which performed throughout the Centennial and the following year at various events.) And of course, Lois, who constantly kept busy helping on all committees. We continue to miss these Centennial committee members who put their heart and soul into the celebration, and who dedicated time and talent to its success. 
Larry Koch, Steve Wahl, Susan Wahl
Centennial pages created by Carol Kelly