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Annual Lind Alumni Banquet

May 2, 2015
Lind Gymnasium
Letters have been mailed
If you didn't get yours, check on the following link!
Mark your calendars!
For more information, click the following for the Alumni Letter, printable reservation Form, & Menu

Kid Parade Plans are Underway!

Theme: What's in Your Toy Box?

Date: June 13, 2015 @ 10:45 AM
Awards for all participants

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Lind's Community Garden

Garden beds are available at no cost. To join the garden activity, reserve a bed before April 1, 2015. For a form
for your reservation, Call John Claypool, Director, 677-8001.
There are many future improvements and additions planned for the garden. To meet these goals, your generous
donation will be happily accepted and appreciated. Donations can be sent to:
John Claypool
PO Box 281
Lind, WA 99341



For more information, click on the following link for April Activities & Events

Lind Middle School
507 N E Street
Lind, WA 99341

Congratulations to the LADY BRONCOS!
Recently named
Academic STATE Champions

The Dairy Farmers of Washington recognizes and rewards teams or groups that maintain a high collective academic standard.
It is open to Varsity or sub-varsity sports teams, activity squads, such as Dance & Drill and Cheer squads, fine arts groups,
(bands, choirs, orchestras, dramatic troupes and forensics teams). Any team/group with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher qualifies for a state award.
A team with an average of 3.50-4.0 qualifies for the Outstanding Team Award. Congratulations to our Lady Broncos!
These bright (and beautiful) girls have maintained a 3.89 GPA


Note: Derby tickets are now available through Brown Paper Tickets!

To purchase tickets for the derby, click on the following:
For Computers, IPads, Etc.

For Mobile devices

     ATTENTION!! RV Campsite is FULL!
$50 for RV Parking
NOTE: The RV Park is already 100% full for the 28th Combine Demolition Derby!
Get your name on a waiting list!

Contact Tim Smith
509-677-3402 or email @
Q & A

Click below for photos from 2014 derby, the 2015 Schedule of Events & the link to weekend Contacts


The Community BBQ is currently being planned. Enjoy a great BBQ meal at the City Park following the Grand Parade.

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 For more information, check the entire web site, & follow the Journal Times for updates.
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Logo designed by Mark Thorne
For 2015 Derby Weekend Schedule of Events: le & Information:

Lind is home to the famous Combine Demolition Derby. Click below for all action photos taken prior to and during the 3 day weekend. Note that the the combine action photos were taken by Stephen McFadden. Katelin Davidson, Ritzville Journal Times, shared many of her weekend photos as well. You can order photographs through either Stephen or the Ritzville Journal at ritzvillejournal@smugmug.com
To order photographs, contact either Stephen or the Journal.
The pages are complete. Email me if you find errors in spelling or information!


Mayor, Jamie Schmunk

Paula Bell
Kathy White
Tom Strohmaier
Karissa Labes
Kindra Haase

The Town Council meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the City Hall
This is YOUR town & your right to find out all things associated with your community government & what's happening in Lind!  Be a voice! Ask questions! Attend the meetings, get acquainted with your council members,
New to Lind? Call for information on services available or visit the office, Monday-Friday
116 1/2 W. 2nd
PO Box F
Lind, WA 99341
(509) 677-3241


President, PJ Jacobson
VP Bev Lomax
Secretary, Connie Field
Treasurer, Sharon Reeve

The Lind Chamber meets the 1st Monday of every month. Note: If a meeting night falls on a holiday, the chamber will meet the following week.
Meetings, are at 6:30 P.M. at the Lions Den
It is the goal of the Chamber to encourage and
welcome new businesses.
The chamber is open to all suggestions and hope to accomplish goals through the community, Lions Club, and the Town of Lind's participation.
This is YOUR town! Get involved and help Lind's growth and survival!
About the Lind Chamber of Commerce:


President, Tyran Doyle

The Lind Lions Club meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00 P.M., taking a summer break after
the June's activities. They will resume regular meetings in September.
They are always looking for extra help, so get involved and help them to promote the Lind Community.
Currently, the Lions will be meeting at the arena to prepare for the upcoming derby plus continuing their regular responsibilities and completing projects.
They have recently added fencing to the end of the City Park.

Note that they are now selling Brown Paper Tickets for the upcoming derby weekend. See other links for these tickets throughout the web site. 

Their major event is the sponsorship of the annual Combine Demolition Derby™ and they always  appreciate help from community members. Attend some of their meetings and enjoy a great meal with the members. Listen to their ideas, then plan to join them and help implement their plans. You don't have to live in Lind to become a Lions Club member. Get involved! They have currently installed more fencing in the City Park. Soon, their meeting nights will be at the arena where they'll be involved in projects as they get ready for the combine demolition derby. They can use your help on all projects, so become a part of this very active group.   

Be sure and check out the following link to be informed on the many clubs activities.

About the Lind Lions Club:
Click Here:

Lind Senior Center

117 North "I" Street
PO Box 345
Lind, WA 99341-0345
Phone: (509) 677-3620
Senior Meals are served at noon at the Lind Senior Center,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday.
Call the Senior Center by 9:30 if you plan to join them.

If you are unable to join them, meals can be ordered and delivered to your front door!
For home delivery, call the center by 9:30 am.

Prices are $4.00 per meal!

email: lindseniorcenter@centurylink.net








Christmas Parade Photos
...and while you're viewing the pictures, put on your thinking cap and plan to design and enter your
float in 2015 Christmas Parade. The only 'rule' is that your entry must have lights. Takes a lot of
planning and commitment to participate. Be a part of the community. It's a fun time for everyone. GET INVOLVED!
Prizes awarded to all who enter! 



AGRICULTURAL pages honoring the local farmers, their history and the industry!

Click here for a refresher course!
Mt. St. Helens


For a fun read, click the Flowers. Local citizens provided us
with MANY grand memories! If you have a story you'd like
submitted, send to me.
click flowers below:





Obituaries will be posted for one month

Mary Kay Pence
posted April 22, 2015

Willa Rinker Jacque
posted April 3, 2015

Jerry Katsel
posted April 8, 2015

Betty Pouley Minor
posted April 8, 2015

Donald O. Woodruff
posted April 10, 2015






Other Stories of Interest

A Trip back in Time ~ page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

To view more old time photographs visit
Adams County Historical Society.com

picture compliments of Sidney Wahl
Sarah Ellen (Smart) Richardson
Born: January 13, 1873
Died: January 26, 1978

Sarah Richardson was the Great Aunt to Sidney Smart Wahl. (next to the cook shack door).

The cook shack was an integral part of a harvest. Harvest was a full-day's work and going back to
the house for a meal was not even considered. Thus, a cook shack was pulled into a
field where two cooks provided meals for a the huge harvest crew! It was an all day job preparing the
food, serving it, then preparing for the dinner meal. With no running water, no electricity, no conveniences, harvest days were long and difficult. Apparently, the hard work was good for Sarah, as she
lived to be 105!  Those who knew her always marveled at her strength and her beauty, stating that she was truly an amazing woman. 

Avenue of Flags
Centennial Monument
Sagebrush to Satellite
The Skies Over Lind


As a Centennial project, Karla Fowles & Carol Kelly made & designed
the Centennial Calendar to honor Lind's growth. The information was gathered with 
help from historian, Georgia Hays, who directed the journey of Lind's past, in the Adams County
Historical Society building in Lind, WA. The project was completed in time to honor
Lind's first 100 years.
Thus, if you think your favorite newspaper is full of interesting, thought provoking articles, then read the articles taken
from past Lind newspapers, most of them from the early 1900's
Check it out...MORE Historic FACTS
News articles
from the 1988 Centennial Calendar
The following news items were gathered (through micro-film) from past Lind papers.

A "lady" of exceedingly easy virtue and a "gentleman friend" with an inordinate supply of immaculate gall struck town one day last week. They pitched a tent up in the east end of town and hung out a red light. There was a kick made and the Deputy Sheriff gave them a pretty straight tip to the effect that Lind was a good town to get out of. They got!
A local citizen took his departure to enter the Northern Indiana College of Pharmacy to be converted into a pill and powder constructor. It will take him at least a year to complete his course in college.
A "lady" of exceedingly easy virtue and a "gentleman friend" with an inordinate supply of immaculate gall struck town one day last week. They pitched a tent up in the east end of town and hung out a red light. There was a kick made and the Deputy Sheriff gave them a pretty straight tip to the effect that Lind was a good town to get out of. They got.
One day this week a fellow had the cast iron nerve to steal a hat belonging to our police judge. He was captured by an officer and it's presumed he will be duly executed.
"The showers that fell this week have broadened the smiles of the Lind farmers by several inches. The rain last Sunday and Monday soaked the ground up considerable and will go a long way to help the wheat crop mature. Some of the early wheat are already beginning to head out."

a local farmer living on Rattlesnake Flats brought in a specimen of this wheat to the editor which measured 42 inches high. This is just an average specimen of the 600 acres and he espects to get about 35 bushes per acre unless it is damaged by the hot weather. The farmer always seems to raise a good crop.


The Lind Boys played a rotten game on their home ground the last week. One player from the disastrous game ended up losing nine teeth. What a game!!! As a reporter, I hate to ever see another like it.
"Well, well, well; We beat Ritzville all to -------well, well well. Last Sunday the Ritzville nine and the Lind team met on the local diamond and Ritzville's hide is hanging over our back yard fence. The local team won and the Lind is "it" with a big T---baseballistically speaking. It was a snappy little scrappy little game from start to finish and the fans had continuous earsplitting 'rooting' that would strain most anything but leather lungs!!!"

"An undisclosed name had the piles. Doctors and dollars could do him no everlasting good. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured him and permanently. Invaluable for cuts, burns, bruises, sprains, eczema, tetter, and other skin diseases. Look for the name DeWitt on the package. All others are worthless, counterfeits. Sold at your local drug store."

Heard about a California girl who sent a dollar to a smart New Youk man in answer to his advertisment of a "Sure Cure" for freckles. He sent her the following recipe:
"Remove the freckles with a pen knife, sok them overnight in slt water, then hang them up in the smose house in a good strong smoke made of sawdust and slippery elm bark for a week. Freckles thus treated stay cured."

We've had a variegated assortment of cuss-provoking, weather this week. Some snow, some blow, and some great big gobs of cold!!!
Can you beat it? Snow, dust, rain, and sunshine---all within an hour. Some country without a doubt.

Joe and Georgia Hays

(sent newsletters to over 145 servicemen during WWII)

Other Community Links
May ~ Ritzville Alumni Banquet

Odessa's Deutschesfest
3rd weekend in September

May, 2015  ~ Ritzville Classic Car Show

June 12, 13, 14 ~ Lind's 2015 Derby Extravaganza Weekend

June, 2015  ~ Washtucna's Classic Auto Show

Labor Day Weekend, 2015 ~ Ritzville's Wheat Land Communities Fair

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