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pages honoring the local farmers, their history and the industry!
It's been 35 years since she erupted in a fury that many of us still remember!
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Mt. St. Helens

Darlene Virginia Lightbody        posted July 30, 2016
Irma Eve-Lynne Gfeller              posted August 24, 2016

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May, 2016  ~ Ritzville Classic Car Show
June 10, 11, 12 ~ Lind's 2016 Derby Extravaganza Weekend
  June, 2016  ~ Washtucna's Classic Auto Show
Labor Day Weekend, 2016 ~ Ritzville's Wheat Land Communities Fair
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1st Saturday in October - Chamber of Commerce Auction/Dinner
2nd Sunday in December - Christmas Lighted Parade
May ~ Ritzville Alumni Banquet
Lind Alumni Banquet
Odessa's Deutschesfest ~ 3rd weekend in September
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1988 Centennial Celebration
1980 Mt. St. Helens
Lind Lions Club
Golf & Gun Club
Lind Post Office
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Lind History
The Lind Lions Club proudly salutes and recognized their 2016 Corporate & Individual Sponsors. Many goals for the Combine Demolition Derby are met through the generous donation of these companies and individuals. We value their participation and look forward to the success of our 29th Demolition Derby.
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In 1988, Karla Fowles & I spent weeks and weeks in the local museum reading old newspapers. We made the following calendar with information we thought was interesting and pertinent to Lind's history. The actual event happened on the day, month, and the year designated. Enjoy July!
Strange things happened to us in that museum, (located in the basement of the Phillips Building). It was spooky down there, and we never would do our research alone. Won't explain some of the instances that we incurred because it just gives Jim and Thayne more ammunition to have us committed. The last sentence at the bottom of each calendar is a comment one of us made.
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Miller Farms
Coyote Ridge Farms
Coyote Flats Farm
Beautiful Wheat Fields at Knodel Farms
Knodel & Son Farms
One of the great things about being retired is doing what ya want and when ya want. Jim and I spent a few days in harvest fields with some of our favorite farmers. First stop was at Miller Farms where Matt let me hang out with him in the combine...Then a few days later, it was harvest at Coyote Flat Farms, (thanks, Tim Smith & Traven), then yesterday a great afternoon with Knodel & son Farms. Had a great time. Saw some beautiful wheat and even saw deer along the way. Thanks! To see all the pictures, check out the Agriculture pages.