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WELCOME to Lind!  

Located in Adams County and nestled among vast wheat fields, Lind is not without charm or history


Dugal Neilson                                                          James Neilson
Dugal & James were the first settlers to Lind in 1888. They built the first Lind residence & two years later they constructed &
stocked a store & James became the first postmaster. In 1889, the first Lind school opened with 6 students. 

Currently, Lind has approximately 500 residents. The town, located in the middle of the eastern/central flatlands of Eastern Washington, is surrounded by wheat & potato crops, some diversified crops from the Columbia Basin Irrigation project (waters from the mighty Columbia River) & an abundance of sagebrush. Lind endures occasional tumble weeds rolling through town, and many dust storms! It's also a fact that most of us living in Adams County are very familiar with wind which sometimes seems to be a constant! 

We are located to the west of the famous Palouse Hills & east of the Cascade Mountain range, separating Washington into two very distinct & different land areas.
Lind accumulates approximately 10 inches of rain a year, (anyway, we pray for that average) & enjoys four very distinct seasons. 

Look for more news pertaining to Lind's history at the bottom of the page!

Photo was taken on 1st street looking north on I Street, circa 1920.
There have been many changes since then. Check out the cars and the street lights!


Working on the Parade & Santa Pictures! Check the links below

PParade, 2014

SSanta, 2014


COMING SOON!  Changes relating to the Combine Derby. Watch for:



Very few camping/RV spots remaining! Don't delay
(No refunds after May 1, 2015)
Contact Tim Smith

509-677-3402 or email @
Q & A


Both the High School and Middle School are in full swing on the basketball court!
For game information, check the journal Times for dates and times.

 Derby Pictures, 2014!
 For a special trip through the Derby Extravaganza Weekend, check out all the pages.
With photos from three different sources, it's very likely you'll find yourself in one of them. Enjoy!

Click below for links to 2015 Schedule of Events & Contacts

2014 Derby Extravaganza Photos


NOTE: The RV Park is already 75% full for the 28th Combine Demolition Derby!
If you are planning to attend the 2015 derby and will be camping in the RV park, it's now time to
get your reservation. There are very few spots available. Remember, you cannot get your
money back after May 1, 2015.
After visiting the camp ground, a few of us have decided that's the place to be during the
derby weekend. No one...and I mean NO ONE has a better time that weekend than those campers.

For more information, check the entire web site, & follow the Journal Times for updates. 

Logo designed by Mark Thorne

For 2015 Derby Weekend Schedule & Information:

Click on the link below to visit each event and activity from the Combine Demolition Derby, 2014. Most of the combine action photos were taken by Stephen McFadden. Katelin Davidson, Ritzville Journal Times, shared many of her weekend photos as well. You can order photographs through either Stephen or the Ritzville Journal at 

To order photographs, get in touch with either Stephen or the Journal.

2014 Derby Photos
The pages are complete. Please email me if you find
errors in spelling or information!
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This is a community website. We have tried to include many of the main events and activities
enjoyed by the Town of Lind throughout the year.
Hope you enjoy all that the web site offers!






Mayor, Jamie Schmunk

The Town Council meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the City Hall
This is YOUR town & your right to find out all things associated with your community government & what's happening in Lind!  Attend the meetings, get acquainted with your council members,
ask questions,
become informed!
New to Lind? Call for information on services available or visit the office, Monday-Friday
116 1/2 W. 2nd
PO Box F
Lind, WA 99341
(509) 677-3241


President, Carin Monroe

The Lind Chamber meets the 1st Monday of every month. Note: If a meeting night falls on a holiday, the chamber will meet the following week.
Meetings, are at 6:30 P.M. at the Lions Den
It is the goal of the Chamber to encourage and
welcome new businesses.
The chamber is open to all suggestions and hope to accomplish goals through the community, Lions Club, and the Town of Lind's participation.
This is YOUR town! Get involved and help Lind's growth and survival!
About the Lind Chamber of Commerce:


President, Tyran Doyle

The Lind Lions Club meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00 P.M., taking a summer break after
the June's activities. They resume meetings in September.
They are always looking for extra help, so get involved and help them to promote the Lind Community.
Currently, the Lions are taking a summer break, but will be back at it the first meeting in September. They will be
making plans & scheduling work nights at the arena in preparation for the upcoming derby plus continuing
their responsibilities and completing projects.

Their major event is the sponsorship of the annual Combine Demolition Derby™ and they always  appreciate help from community members. Attend some of their meetings and enjoy a great meal with the members. Listen to their ideas, then plan to join them and help implement their plans. You don't have to live in Lind to become a Lions Club member. Get involved!
Be a part of this great group of guys.  

Be sure and check out the following link to be informed on the many things the Lions Club
does throughout the year.

About the Lind Lions Club:
Click Here:

Lind Senior Center

117 North "I" Street
PO Box 345
Lind, WA 99341-0345
Phone: (509) 677-3620
With a great cook on board, the Seniors enjoy delicious meals Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday.
Call by 9:30 AM to make arrangements for home delivery.

The following links contain information & photos of a few of the
many activities enjoyed in the Lind Community. Be patient as it sometimes
takes a while for the pictures to load!


2014 Santa and Christmas Parade Photos
...and while you're viewing the pictures, put on your thinking cap and plan to design and enter your
float in 2015 Christmas Parade. Information above! The only 'rule' is that your entry must have lights.
Prizes awarded to all who enter! 



AGRICULTURAL pages honoring the local farmers, their history and the industry!

Click here for a refresher course!
Mt. St. Helens

For a fun read, click the Ornaments. Local citizens provided us
with MANY grand memories! 
click here:

Obituaries will be posted for one month

Ruben John Fode, posted November 21, 2014
Douglas Robert Rehn, posted December 1, 2014
Christine Noel Hartwell, posted December 9, 2014







Other Stories of Interest

A Trip back in Time ~ page 1
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For more old time photographs visit
Adams County Historical Society

Avenue of Flags
Centennial Monument
Sagebrush to Satellite
The Skies Over Lind

Lind's Historic FACTS
from the Centennial Calendar
(All the following events happened in the month of December)
These events were gathered (through micro-film) from past Lind papers.

As a Centennial project, Karla Fowles & Carol Kelly made & designed
the Centennial Calendar to honor Lind's growth. The information was gathered with 
help from historian, Georgia Hays, who directed the journey of Lind's past, in the Adams County
Historical Society building in Lind, WA. The project was completed in time to honor
Lind's first 100 years.

1926 - Community decorates large Christmas tree

1916 - Slim's Tavern purchased by George Nickell

1969 - Wills Merchandise Lind's newest Lind business

1953 - 8,700 year old artifacts found in Lind Coulee

1937 - Roller Rink opens in the Lind Auditorium

1890 - Lind's first grocery store opens by the Neilson Brothers

1967 - Lind Lions Club organized

1960 - Steve Hays takes over Standard Oil

1888 - First building on Lind site (Neilson house)

1953 - Lind Girls Club Black & White Ball; Couples$1.50, extra ladies, $0.75

1954 - Lind implements Bonus free throw in league

1952 - TV sets receive "Test Patterns" only

Merry Christmas!


Other Community Links
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Odessa's Deutschesfest
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May, 2015  ~ Ritzville Classic Car Show

June 12, 13, 14 ~ Lind's 2015 Derby Extravaganza Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend, 2015 ~ Ritzville's Wheat Land Communities Fair

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