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Mt. St. Helens
Some fun reading below!
These articles were taken from old Lind Leader papers and they have not been edited. Freedom of the press at its greatest!


A local citizen took his departure to enter the Northern Indiana College of Pharmacy to be converted into a pill and powder constructor. It will take him at least a year to complete his year in college.

One day this week a fellow had the cast iron nerve to steal a hat belonging to our police judge. He was captured by an officer and
it's presumed he will be duly executed. (note: executed for stealing a hat? Wow! )

Some son-of-a-gun has been using the Palace Meat Market's new slaughter house for a target and one side of it looks like a sand sieve. The local cop says if he is fortunate enough to catch someone pumping lead into the building, there is going to be something doing in the justice's court.
A local citizen motored to Providence on Sunday and enjoyed a big ice cream feast. He evidently had a good appetite, for he worked hard after arriving back home to Lind by turning the crank of a big ice cream freezer so that he might satisfy himself. The incident was almost fatal as he was reported to be the sickest man in town on Monday.
The instruments came this week and Lind not has a sure enough brass band that is guaranteed to make more noise to the square inch than any other aggregation of wind jammers of its size between Spokane and Sunset.

The rain last Sunday and Monday soaked the ground up considerable and will go a long way to help the wheat crop mature. Some of the early wheat are already beginning to head out." a local farmer living on Rattlesnake Flats brought in a specimen of this wheat to the editor which measured 42 inches high. This is just an average specimen of the 600 acres and he expects to get about 35 bushes per acre unless it is damaged by the hot weather. The farmer always seems to raise a good crop.
The Lind Boys played a rotten game on their home ground the last week. One player from the disastrous game ended up losing nine teeth. What a game!!! As a reporter, I hate to ever see another like it.
"Well, well, well; We beat Ritzville all to -------well, well well. Last Sunday the Ritzville nine and the Lind team met on the local diamond and Ritzville's hide is hanging over our back yard fence. The local team won and the Lind is "it" with a big T---baseballistically speaking. It was a snappy little scrappy little game from start to finish and the fans had continuous earsplitting 'rooting' that would strain most anything but leather lungs!!!"

"An undisclosed name had the piles. Doctors and dollars could do him no everlasting good. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured him and permanently. Invaluable for cuts, burns, bruises, sprains, eczema, tetter, and other skin diseases. Look for the name DeWitt on the package. All others are worthless, counterfeits. Sold at your local drug store."
Heard about a California girl who sent a dollar to a smart New York man in answer to his advertisements of a sure cure for freckles. He sent her the following recipe. "Remove the freckles with a pen knife, soak them overnight in salt water, then hang them up in the smoke house in a good strong smoke made of sawdust and slippery elm bark for a week. Freckles thus treated stay cured."

We've had a variegated assortment of cuss-provoking, weather this week. Some snow, some blow, and some great big gobs of cold!!!
Can you beat it? Snow, dust, rain, and sunshine---all within an hour. Some country without a doubt.

Larry Gale Gust          posted April 1, 2016
Lee Bryan Williams           posted March 24, 2016
Amanda (Gross) Goehner            posted March 22, 2016

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